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The Importance of a Good Business Logo

A logo to your business is what your face is to you. It is the symbol that a business uses to identify itself. It can be in the form of an image, text, or even a combination of both text and an image. It normally follows the naming of an enterprise and usually coincides with the creation of an organization's slogan and motto. With time, the logos become an integral component of companies' identity and people eventually recognize a company's brands by just looking at the logo. A good example of a successful logo is Nike's swoosh. This logo has become so popular that Nike no longer has to write the name "Nike" on its product; the swoosh symbol is enough for almost every buyer in the world to know that they are buying a Nike product.

What makes a good logo?

Apparently, not every logo is going to work. If the symbol you choose has not been developed by an expert and it does not communicate, it may not work. A good logo must be unique, memorable, timeless, appropriate, and versatile. It should also be simple and not overdrawn.

What is the importance of having a good business logo?

A business logo is an indispensable part of an entity's identity. Below is a rundown of reasons why having a good business logo is so important.

1. It makes your brand easy to identify

Since a good logo is generally simple and memorable, it makes your products easy to identify. People may forget the names of your products, but symbols are easy to remember and identify. With a good business logo, you can tell the world and potential customers, in the simplest way possible, what your business is all about. For instance, Nike's swoosh image is a symbol of speed, which a relevant issue in sports. Since Nike deals with sports products, the swoosh symbol tells Nike's customers that Nikes products can enhance their speed/performance.

2. It sets you apart from competitors

The modern business environment is extremely competitive. When you take your product to the market, you won't be the only one dealing with such a product. In such a situation, a good logo will go a long way in helping your business stand out is the market. For instance, if your business deals with pizza, you may have a symbol that says something about pizza. Nevertheless, a good logo has to be unique enough to distinguish your business from competitors'. Such a symbol will give your business a face that it can be identified with among competitors.

3. It enhances brand loyalty

Brand loyalty is what keeps a customer coming back. It is also what keeps your old customers even if your products change. Brand loyalty will also persuade them to try new products that you may start selling in future. It is, therefore, something that business enterprises should work hard to foster. When customers are accustomed to your logo, they enjoy the simplicity with which they can pick their favorite brand. Thus, a familiar and easily recognizable logo is the way to go when it comes to building brand loyalty.

The Takeaway

Overall, it is apparent that the importance of a good business logo cannot be overemphasized. It can make your business stand out among competitors, make your products easy to identify, and even help you in building brand loyalty. If you are a small business owner in St Louis; get in touch with us today to view our St Louis logo signage and know more about the importance of having a business logo. Creative Graphic Solution will also assist you to design the right logo for your small business.

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