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Well, it really is a lot to list so we hit some of the more common products.  Basically, ANYTHING sign, vehicle wrap & graphic, branding related we can make right here in our shop.  That's right, right here made in the good ol' USA!  We are so proud & thankful to be Americans that we also offer special discounts to all our Veteran friends and First Responders!

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Your company vehicle can be your best traveling advertisement. With Fresh Vehicle Wraps, you'll find crisp graphics, bold, non-fade colors, and exciting, unique designs. Our patented adhesive technology ensures that your vehicle wrap won't peel or tear. Expert installers will give you professional advice to care for your wrap. Stand out from the crowd, express your personality, and grow your small business. We can work with your existing logo, or we can help you design something that will pop.

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Window graphics are popular because it is inexpensive and it tells prospective customers walking or driving by who you are and what you do. A well designed graphic will formulate brand recognition by sparking conversation. Window graphics can also be used to inform customers of current promotions or specials and will ultimately lead to more walk-ins from potential customers. A window graphic that is transparent from the inside and opaque from the outside will provide an added layer of privacy.

Lightweight and easily positioned (most often with wire sign holders), custom yard signs are a popular option for everyone from real estate agents announcing open houses, to tradesmen and contractors publicizing their services.


Our graphic designers will work with your existing logo or tagline or help you create a fresh look that will really pop. Clear, bold printing gets you noticed, and custom designs help identify your brand and business.


Advertising in Pole Signs offer the customer exposure to a large audience in a specific area. The pole sign will ideally be situated near the business. It has to be visible from a distance. The materials used must be durable for longevity. It also has to be eye-catching and attractive by means of scalability, lighting and the use of digital media. Pole signs are ideal for small businesses, shopping malls, schools, restaurants, churches and markets.

From logos to welcome to directions, no matter what your office or lobby sign needs are, we can assist you in creating an environment that is welcoming and provides guests and clients the information they need when walking through your doors. Give us a call today to discover how we can help!

Do you wish to set your business above the rest? We specialize in making banners that are of high quality concerning resolution, design and durability. We make banners to suit our clients' needs and specifications. We produce all types of banners (which command stunning visual presence) including:

• Roll up banners
• Hoist banners
• Eyelet banners
• Pole banners

Our high quality and cutting-edge assortment of printers bring out a wide range of highly contrasting full colors which vary in customer specialized resolution. We take time to understand our customers' branding needs to allow our passionate graphic designers to make captivating banner designs which fit all your selling points. You are also set to receive impeccable customer service all the way from reception to after sale services.

Contact us for route and 3D products of high quality in terms of resolution, design and durability. Our finished and unfinished CNC signs are passionately designed to fit your brand custom needs and always done to perfection. For routing, we often request clients to provide us with vector art. If they can't, we help them design it. We can rout signs from several materials such as

  • PVC

  • Laminated products

  • Acrylic

  • High density urethane

Our services feature an overwhelming level of commitment and coordination which is effectively fostered by our wholesome and integral team of well trained and talented graphic designers and marketing experts.

We value all of our customers all their demands are important to us.

We design custom monument signs that will add to the beauty of your property, neighborhood entrance, multi-tenant building or park while drawing the attention of existing and potential customers. We have a variety of materials to choose from such as stone, glass, stucco, brick and more. Give us a call today!  We have tons of experience designing, fabricating and installing these!

LED signs are fun and exciting - definitely more eye catching than traditional print signage. Promote weekly specials, fun messages, or "call to action" for your customers with our LED signs. Professional installers will help you set up, program, and care for your new sign. We can work with your company's current logo and tagline to customize or allow our skilled graphic designers to create something that will really pop.


ADA signage is required in many municipalities. Fresh is where you can browse and buy Braille restroom signs, rescue / refuge signs, California Title 24 signs, accessible parking signs and more. Our disability signs and labels are available in a variety of sizes and materials. All our accessibility stickers and signs are produced using industrial strength materials suitable for outdoor or indoor use. Many handicapped signs and labels are available in Spanish and Bilingual formats as well.

Channel Letters get noticed. Grow your small business, advertise weekly specials, or give your customers a " call to action" using our unique, customized designed channel letters. Give your custom sign great depth and precision by employing channel letters which are visible throughout the day and luminous at night. Each letter is lit from inside with bright, long-lasting LEDs shining through the plastic sign face or out of the back of the letter. Channel letters can be installed directly onto the building or on a "raceway" – a prefabricated metal box that runs the length of the channel letter sign.

Branding your company's' vehicles with the company logo is a very beneficial form of marketing. The moving billboard will give the business exposure in a larger area. The more people see the brand logo, the more people will remember your company. This type of brand awareness will have increased downstream gains. Vehicle graphicsare popular as it caters for a larger surface area than pole or shop front advertising.

Make your next tradeshow booth stand out from the crowd with custom designed Pop-up, table-top, and free standing displays. Our talented designers will work with your company's logo and tagline to create a unique display. The crisp graphics will pop in a large event hall. Choose either bold colors or more subtle displays. We can work with any budget to create the perfect custom piece to grow your business. Our professional team will help you care for, assemble, store, and disassemble your display to keep it fresh and clean.


In the real estate world, the key is "location, location, location." But, how do you find the perfect location without incredible signs that draw your attention and direct you to it? That's just what we do. We will design the perfect sign that will draw potential buyers to the ideal location to fit their needs whether that need is residential or commercial. Give us a call today to discuss all of your real estate sign needs.


Showing your support for a politician official or just making your opinion known is easy with custom yard signs. These weather resistant yard signs can be produced in a variety of colors and shapes, allowing your message to truly stand out. While political signs are some of the most common custom yard signs, our design team can produce signs that express any message that you want your friends and neighbors to see.


Illuminated signs draw attention to your business and can be a beautiful addition to your property. With illuminated signs, you will also enjoy a higher rate of visibility increasing your customer volume! Contact us to discuss your custom illuminated sign needs. We have options available in illuminated letters, light box, neon and more.

We provide a wide range of large format printing such as: large photos, posters, banners, murals and much more for personal purposes such as birthday, anniversary or retirement parties along with commercial needs for temporary or short-term advertising. No matter what your need, we can be of assistance.

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Whether it is your logo or design or we create a custom design for you, we can mass-print and die-cut any size or shaped decals. 


If you want to add a car decal to your vehicle we can help with that also.  Basically the same process but we use vehicle grade, laminated vinyl.  

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LED Signs

LED or Electronic Message Boards are one of the most efficient uses of marketing dollars.  Control the message you are sending from your church, school or business and change it as frequently as needed.  This is a great marketing scenario! Let CGS help you through this complicated process from city permitting obstacles through picking the correct pixel size through installation. We have a decade of experience.

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