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The Many Benefits of a Vehicle Wrap

Benefits of getting your company vehicles wrapped

Vehicle wraps are literally moving advertisement. Park your car for an entire day in the busiest mall in your nearest city and thousands of people will see it. That's free advertising and all you did was place the vehicle in park, lock the doors (hopefully) and go inside to drink a smoothie.

Vehicle wraps give businesses an identity and a chance to show that they are more than the service they provide. It provides an opportunity to showcase who you really are. The vehicle wrap of your choice can speak to many things about your personality and service. Are you fun, serious, elegant? What message are you trying to portray? Like a successful business logo, a vehicle wrap puts an image in the head of your potential clients. It gives them something to remember.

For many small business owners your vehicle is the storefront. It's the first thing your customers see when you show up to their property for that free estimate. It sends a first impression that you mean business and that you care about a potential client's perception of your business and the service you are trying to provide. Show up in a beat-up rusty van with duct tape over the passenger's side window and they may not even open the door! It's all about perception. The vehicle wrap tells people that you care about how you appear to others and that is one of the first step to success for any business. You must create a positive impression on current, potential and future customers.

People like to feel good about the business they hire to come into their home to provide a personalized service that impacts their lives directly. The vehicle wrap speaks to the heart of what you do. Be bold, bright or multi-colored. It's up to you. But give the customers something to identify your brand with and a vehicle does that while providing unlimited advertising potential to future customers. Don't stop on your work car. After all, the business is your life, livelihood and means of success. Put yourself in a position to gain customers whether your depositing that big pay day at the bank or your buying dog food at 10 p.m. because you realize you just ran out. While your car is parked in the busiest parking lot, the vinyl even provides a layer of security and protection for your car's paint. There's a bonus for you! When that kid opens the door and hits the side of your van, it might make a dent, but at least it won't chip your paint.

Vehicle wraps are an investment that have the potential to pay for themselves over time. But unlike the local business directory or classified section of your local newspaper, radio or local cable TV ads, this is not a reoccurring cost. Just don't change your phone number or else, yes, you will need a new wrap. Also, vehicle wraps turn heads because not many people use them and most people actually enjoy looking at them. If a handful of those people use your ad to remind them of a project they have been putting off for weeks, your vehicle wrap and phone number right in front of them might just be what gets them to call and fix that slow drain or faulty circuit breaker box.

Give your small business a brand and use that van or SUV as a mobile marketing tool on wheels!

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